Mosquito Squad of Greater St. Louis provides much needed protection for Fido, too!

Mosquito Squad of Greater St. Louis provides much needed protection for Fido, too!

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When it comes to mosquito protection, rest assured that Mosquito Squad will help provide your family and PETS a safe environment free from those pesky and dangerous insects! Not only do mosquitoes pose a danger to humans through the transmission of Malaria, Dengue Fever, and West Nile Virus, but mosquitoes can be very dangerous to dogs. Mosquitoes are carriers of heartworms, which can be fatal for our four-legged friends. 

The Heartworm Society offers a very informative video on the process of contracting heartworm. https://www.heartwormsociety.org/pet-owner-resources/canine.html.

Dog heartworm is a nasty disease common in canines throughout most of the United States. According to Rutgers University, it is caused by a nematode (roundworm). The adult worms live primarily in the heart and large vessels of the lungs of dogs. In heavy infestations the woworms in infected dog heartrms migrate up the pulmonary artery and clog the blood vessels of the lungs. The results are loss of body weight, dropsy, chronic cough, shortness of breath, muscular weakness, disturbances of vision, chronic heart failure, and eventual death.  Tangled mass of adult worms in the right ventricle of an infected dog’s heart.

What is the role of the mosquito?

Mosquitoes feeding upon an infected dog take up a number of minute heartworms, which eventually migrate from the digestive tract of the mosquito to the abdominal region where they undergo a transformation. Within 2 or 3 weeks they reach the infective stage. At this time the larvae are actually miniature adults that are small enough to live within a mosquito.Dog Heartworm Life Cycle

Next, they break into the body cavity of the mosquito and migrate to the mouthparts. By this time the mosquito is ready for its second blood meal. As the mosquito feeds upon its host, the infective larvae are deposited on the skin. These small worms burrow into the host animal and lodge in the tissue where they remain for several months. Worms that enter hosts other than canines generally die within several days.

After an increase in size, the worms leave the tissue and enter the blood stream through the wall of a small vein. Then they travel through the blood stream and eventually lodge in the chambers of the right side of the heart where they develop into mature heartworms. The entire cycle takes approximately 9 months.

Remember that the heartworms cannot complete their life cycle without first passing through a mosquito. Since our dogs can’t take care of themselves, it’s up to owners to make sure their environment is as safe as possible. In addition to prevention that veternarians provide, Mosquito Squad can provide that extra protection that man’s best friend deserves! Our proven solution also kills fleas…sure to make your pooch really happy!

Come see us at the St. Louis Builders Home and Garden Show on February 25-28 and learn about the three ways (Barrier Sprays, Misting Systems and Event Sprays) Mosquito Squad can help combat mosquitoes on your property and help protect your loved ones including your pets. If you hate mosquitoes, you’ll love us!