Mosquito, Mosquitoe, Misquito

Mosquito, Mosquitoe, Misquito

by martha 5 comments

I just got my business checks in the mail yesterday. I placed the order over the phone (and never saw a proof) with a really sweet lady from Minnesota. “Misquito Squad of Greater Saint Louis” is how she had the checks printed. Darn it! To her credit “mosquito” is a hard word to spell. Dan Quayle probably has a hard time with it, too. Plural can be mosquitos or mosquitoes. Both are acceptable. But there is no “e” at the end of just plain ole mosquito. If you still find it too difficult to spell…just stick with skeeter. And no matter what you choose, just remember that Mosquito Squad of Greater Saint Louis will kill your misquitos, mosquitoes, mosquitos and skeeters! (Ticks and fleas, too!) In the meantime, click here to enjoy this quick fascinating National Geographic video about the life cycle of a mosquito.

  • Andrew says:

    Nice blog, looks good. Also, interesting spelling lesson. For a moment I thought it was written by Miss Wright.

  • Megan says:

    Congratulations! And looking forward to seeing you at the Home & Garden show in February. Death to skeeters.

  • Marshall says:

    Nice work brother – need a little West Nile chatter…….

  • Margaret says:

    Martha, I am so glad I no longer need to cover myself and my kids with Deep Woods Toxic Off. Poor Sam gets eaten alive! Let us know when you start spraying!

  • Mary says:

    Hey guys! Mosquito, Mosquitoes /Potato, Potatoes! Love your blogs and your video from National Geographic; that is a good one!
    We have our Home and Garden show this weekend!
    Look forward to seeing you in Richmond mid-February. Go Mosquito Squad of St Louis