Home Remedies for Mosquito Bites that WORK!

Home Remedies for Mosquito Bites that WORK!

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The recent rainfall in St. Louis has given us a much needed respite from the high temperatures this summer – but at the cost of soggy conditions and an influx of mosquitoes. And, when it comes to enjoying the outdoors, mosquitoes are ever-present without appropriate control solutions.

Mosquito bites can be annoying, with the itchy bumps that they leave behind oftentimes becoming painful. The good news is that you can get some relief from a few¬†home remedies that are helpful in treating you and your family’s mosquito bites.

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Cold temperatures can help in reducing skin inflammation. Indirectly place ice on your skin using an ice pack or cooling cloth and gently apply to the affected area for approximately 10-15 for a soothing remedy.

Aloe Vera.

A natural antiseptic, aloe vera works as a natural remedy to reduce itching and swelling. It’s also great for a sunburn, meaning it can work double-duty after a long day outdoors. By peeling away the tough outer skin of the plant, you can chill the gel found inside the plant, then rub it onto your skin for a cool cure to mosquito bites and sunburn!

Onion & Garlic.

The pungent ingredients of onion and garlic can help to reduce swelling and soothe itchy skin. Also, the strong aromas can keep mosquitoes and other insects away – meaning less future bites on your skin. Simply apply minced onion or garlic onto your bug bites for a few minutes, then wash off.

Essential Oils.

Many essential oils can provide temporary relief of mosquito bites. Use tea tree, rosemary, lavender, neem or even a combination of these oils to create your own home remedy for mosquito bite relief. Put essential oils to work on your bug bites by diluting small amounts in water and gently apply on the affected skin area.