Chance of a Lifetime…Name that Creek!

Chance of a Lifetime…Name that Creek!

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Do you remember catching tadpoles and crawdads on warm summer nights when you were little? What about walking barefoot in the creeks finding the best skipping stones? My kids LOVE walking to the woods and down to the little creek to find something exciting. Sadly, today these water-filled backdrops of recreation are endangered because of run-off from impervious surfaces, yard waste in streams, invasive plant species, trash and road salt. The Deer Creek Watershed is one of these creek systems that has faced hard times but is undergoing an ambitious rehabilitation thanks to many efforts.craylet by srah ★

The Deer Creek Watershed sits smack dab in the middle of Mosquito Squad of Greater St. Louis’ territory. Deer Creek originates in Creve Coeur and flows southeast 11 miles before it enters the River Des Peres in Maplewood. FYI,  Ladue, Clayton, Brentwood, Richmond Heights, Huntleigh, Frontenac, Rock Hill, Webster Groves and Des Peres are part of the Deer Creek Watershed. All the little creeks that our children like to play in are part of a very intricate water system that is in need of protection. Luckily, the Deer Creek Watershed Alliance was created to partner with local municipalities, non-profits like the Missouri Botanical Garden, state level government, the Department of Natural Resources and local universities like Washington University to implement strategies for protecting this valuable water sytem. With that said, it’s hard to protect something that is nameless…so DEER CREEK TRIBUTARIES NAME PROJECT was born. YOU can help name the more than 30 nameless Deer Creek tributaries and leave your mark! Get on board, get creative, and help save an important natural resource. In a world that seems like everything has been claimed…here’s your chance to become part of history. Do you think “Skeeter Creek” will pass muster?

As always, Mosquito Squad of Greater Saint Louis‘ mission is to help make your outdoor experiences wonderful. The Deer Creek Watershed Alliance takes it to the next level. Thank you!