Celebrate the Warm Weather at Missouri’s Vineyards.

Celebrate the Warm Weather at Missouri’s Vineyards.

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With the warmer weather finally moving in, add some excitement to your life by visiting one of  Missouri’s beautiful vineyards. Located in the picturesque rolling hills outside of St. Louis, these unique vineyards are great places for weddings, reunions, birthday parties and just plain fun with your friends.

 Sugar Creek Vineyard and Winery in Defiance is owned by a wonderful family who works hard every day of the week to ensure visitors have an unforgettable experience. The Millers are a family who understand that a good wine begins with the grape and ends with the people who pour it in your glass. Join them in the cozy parlor and tasting room of their turn-of-the-century Victorian home/visitor center, and they will make you feel special. Or on a warm day soak up the sun on their wine terrace listening to live music.

Right down the road is Chandler Hill Vineyards, a must-see because of its exquisite surroundings. Offering fine dining (with wines from their California and Missouri vineyards) and live events, you are sure to have a great time. The spectacular view from the 4500 sf wine deck of the wildlife-laden Missouri valley is nothing short of majestic.


As always, Mosquito Squad’s mission is to help make your outdoor living experiences wonderful. We promise that a day in the vineyards will be a day you remember for a long time.

  • Craig Mannion says:

    This blog came from a friend of mine, I wonder if there is any correlation between this pathogen and mosquitoes.

    “Being a virologist in training, I am acutely aware of today’s dangerous pathogens. Yesterday, I had a brief MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus) scare on the way to my next hotel. My suitcase brushed the back of my leg and I felt a sharp pain. I raised my pant leg and saw a pea-sized blister with a red, swollen periphery. Maybe I had MRSA on the mind because just prior to leaving for Paris I was at a happy hour listening to the harrowing tale of someone who had recently recovered from a long bout with this potentially fatal bacterium. It started out for him with a pea-sized pimple on his leg. MRSA would really put an immediate damper on my trip out here. Luckily, I came across a “pharmacie” (more of a cosmetic store than a pharmacy) on the way to the hotel. The simple purchase of rubbing alcohol and bandages are not so simple when everything is in a foreign language. I asked the attendant for alcohol. At first she had a puzzled look on her. Then, a light went off in her head and she pointed across the street to the liquor store. “No, no. Uh, rubbing alcohol. Ethanol. Isopropanol.” The word you want to use is “sterilize.” When I said that, we were on the same page. I reached the hotel, went to my room, and to care of the blister. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t MRSA. It looks much better today and I am feeling no other symptoms.”

    “This came just two days after the mosquito infestation of my room at the previous hotel. I had grown cold in the middle of the night and turned off the AC. I came back at the end of the day to a room swarming with mosquitoes. The maid must’ve decided to crack open the window while she was cleaning earlier in the day. These suckers (literally) must have been made of thick, bionic exoskeletons because no matter how hard I smacked at them, they just flew off, laughing at me with that menacing buzz. I gave up because it was late and I was sure my neighbors above and around my room didn’t appreciate the thud of my t-shirt hitting the walls. I awoke with several bites where my skin was expose from the sheets. Luckily, mosquitoes don’t find me particularly delectable. Clare, on the other hand, is a magnet for the parasites. Had she been there with me, they surely would have left me alone and went after her instead. Man, I miss my wife! Hmmm. I think that came out in the wrong timing. D’oh!”