Warson Woods

by StlMosquitoControl

We have used Mosquito Squad for two summers, and I just signed up again. It is money well spent knowing that my family and pets are protected from mosquitoes. No more complaining from my kids about itchy bug bites. We love Mosquito Squad!


by StlMosquitoControl

With four kids we love to be outside in the summer. Mosquito Squad got rid of the mosquitoes so that we can enjoy our yard. I don’t have to spray my kids with yucky insect repellent anymore. We go outside any time we want to, and we know mosquitoes aren’t going to bother us!


by StlMosquitoControl

Our outdoor party was fabulous thanks to you! I had no idea your service would work so well. I am so glad my friend told me about Mosquito Squad! I will call you again for our next cookout.

Des Peres

by StlMosquitoControl

I called Mosquito Squad after seeing several of your yard signs. Immediately after the first application, the mosquitoes that had been swarming us were noticeably absent! The results were so good that I was finally able to buy my husband the Father’s Day gift that I had wanted to give him for four years: a […]

Webster Groves

by StlMosquitoControl

We look forward to sitting outdoors thanks to you!! We are no longer prisoners in our own home. We love Mosquito Squad. You have really changed our lives. What a difference it makes. Thanks so much!