Mosquito Squad battles the Tiger Mosquito.

by StlMosquitoControl

The Tiger Mosquito is only about 1/8 inch long. It is black with white stripes on its legs and body. There is a single white stripe down the center of its head and back. It’s these stripes that give it the name “Tiger” Mosquito, not its desire to frequently mate. These mosquitoes can have as many as 12 generations per year!

Mosquito, Mosquitoe, Misquito

by StlMosquitoControl

And no matter what you choose, just remember that Mosquito Squad of Greater Saint Louis will kill your misquitos, mosquitoes, mosquitos and skeeters!

Mosquito Squad isn’t the only thing off and running!

by StlMosquitoControl

The more I thought, I realized that training for the half marathon is a perfect metaphor for opening a new business like Mosquito Squad. There will be lots of hard work and “bumps in the road” (ha ha) along the way, but in the end, I think I will be very pleased.

Mosquito Squad of Greater Saint Louis is off and running!

by StlMosquitoControl

After much thought and research, I am bringing Mosquito Squad to St. Louis! Mosquito Squad is the industry leader in providing a mosquito-free outdoor environment for your family and pets through a highly effective barrier spray program.