5 Reasons Our Service Is Different Than The Other Bug Guys

by StlMosquitoControl

For five years we’ve been helping families in St. Louis control mosquitoes and ticks so they can take back their yard and enjoy entertaining and relaxing outdoors. And in honor of our five year anniversary we submit for your approval:
Five Reasons Mosquito Squad of Greater St Louis is Different from The Other Bug Guys

Conway Kids’ Lemonade Stand Raises Money for the World Bird Sanctuary

by StlMosquitoControl

Conway School has the best group of third graders! At Tilles Park every Sunday from noon-2:00 during the month of May, they are sponsoring a lemonade stand. The proceeds will benefit the World Bird Sanctuary and its mission to help injured birds of prey.

Is St. Louis Southern?

by StlMosquitoControl

The other day, I was reading an article in Southern Living titled “40 Things Every Southerner Ought to Do!” (For the record I’ve done 34 of those things). I was pleasantly surprised to see 3 must-dos are right here in St. Louis! # 21 Enjoy a frozen treat at Ted Drewes. #23 Go to the top of the Arch. #39 Stroll through the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Chance of a Lifetime…Name that Creek!

by StlMosquitoControl

The Deer Creek Watershed sits smack dab in the middle of Mosquito Squad of Greater St. Louis’ territory. Deer Creek originates in Creve Coeur and flows southeast 11 miles before it enters the River Des Peres in Maplewood. FYI, Ladue, Clayton, Brentwood, Richmond Heights, Huntleigh, Frontenac, Rock Hill, Webster Groves and Des Peres are part of the Deer Creek Watershed.

Bald and Beautiful

by StlMosquitoControl

Sunday, March 21st is World Eagle Day. This special day really hits home for us this year. On a snowy January day we found a wounded Bald Eagle-one of his talons was deeply severed.

Flightless Mosquitoes Used in the Fight Against Dengue Fever.

by StlMosquitoControl

People in the science, health and technology fields have always fascinated me. And once again, I am amazed by these smarty-pants. Thanks to researchers from the Univerisity of California at Irvine and Oxford University, mankind now has a new tool in the shed to help in the age old battle against mosquitoes.