Natural Mosquito Control with our Organic Barrier Treatment

A bug’s gotta do what a bug’s gotta do. And in the mosquito’s case, it’s gotta bite your ankles. And your arms. And anywhere else it can sink its teeth!

Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your outside fun. Call Mosquito Squad of Greater St. Louis to treat your yard with a natural, organic barrier spray that will prevent mosquitoes from entering your outdoor space.

Mosquito Squad’s all-natural solution as an ideal alternative to mosquito control. If you want to avoid all synthetics, then this is the natural mosquito control option for you.

Our all-natural treatment eliminates pests on contact and then continues as a repellent for up to 14 days.

The mint-based product is applied to trees, shrubs, groundcover, and any other areas where adult mosquitoes live and feed. Because mosquitoes have a heightened sense of smell, the mint odor confuses them by masking the carbon dioxide that humans and pets emit.

This means the bugs bypass your yard because they can’t detect their next blood meal. Fortunately, with our less sensitive noses, we humans detect only a mild odor that dissipates within two hours of application.

Since this all-natural mosquito control breaks down more quickly than the synthetic version, it needs to be applied every 14 days for continuous protection (as opposed to the 21-day cycle of our traditional barrier protection spray.)

Our all-natural barrier treatment program:

  • We treat the property every two weeks
  • The mint-based product reduces the mosquito population by 75-80%
  • Perfect for families who want to avoid synthetic products

As with all of our programs, you will receive a reminder email the day before we come to treat your yard. Typically, your treatment will occur on the same day of the week every time unless weather causes a need to reschedule.

If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll make it right with another spray as soon as possible.

Ready to reclaim your yard from the mosquitoes? Call Mosquito Squad today for a free consultation. New customers get $50 off when they sign up for an annual program!

See what our customers are saying…

“We look forward to sitting outdoors thanks to you!! We are no longer prisoners in our own home. We love Mosquito Squad. You have really changed our lives. What a difference it makes. Thanks for much!”

– Ann F.