Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
At Stl Mosquito Control we are professionally committed and morally bound to protecting your company’s privacy and integrity at all costs. We take all reasonable steps to protect all data and information supplied to us by our clients. We protect our clients privacy by using industry accepted security and data transfer methods to protect against the loss, misuse, abuse and alteration of data in our care.

This Privacy Policy is designed to ensure the safety and accuracy of our clients’ and prospects’ informational assets, whether gathered on this site or by our clients. Any information shared with us will never be given or sold to third parties. We are in the business of marketing, and understand the value of information security.

Our marketing initiatives bring us into contact with millions and millions of consumers and businesses. Therefore, integrity is absolutely critical to our long-term success. Hence, we strive to only work with companies with similar values. Stl Mosquito Control is a direct-response, permission-based marketing company that holds the privacy and security paramount.

Stl Mosquito Control does collect both voluntary personal information and automated non-personally identifiable data from Internet users, visitors and registrants. We use this information qualitatively to improve our clients and our own efforts and functionality. Visitors who opt-in to receive information from Stl Mosquito Control or our clients, will only receive appropriate and requested communications. If a third party opts-in to an online marketing program with any of our clients, they typically submit some personally identifiable information; however, the type and amount of information collected varies, and each of our clients specifies what information is to be collected.

Stl Mosquito Control utilizes the industry’s leading security solutions, policies and procedures to ensure the physical and electronic security of data stored by Stl Mosquito Control. Stl Mosquito Control uses and requires permission-based marketing principles of its clients. Clients may use Stl Mosquito Control solutions to communicate only to users who affirmatively express a documented interest in receiving e-mails relevant to their interests in a particular company or product. Permission must be ongoing, dynamic and revocable. If a recipient chooses to opt-out, the Stl Mosquito Control and/or client is required to stop sending messages to that recipient.

Stl Mosquito Control utilizes Cookie and ASP technology for the purposes of traffic analysis such as the time/date of the visit, the time/date of last visit, the page(s) viewed, the referrer, transaction information for e-Commerce pages, and other data. Stl Mosquito Control tracks click-thru behavior in the e-mails it sends out. This data is used to update specific user-profile information, ascertain the areas of most interest to opt-in e-mail recipients, and to personalize messages.

Again Stl Mosquito Control does not sell, rent, loan, trade, or lease any personal information whether gathered by Stl Mosquito Control itself or received from its clients. When Stl Mosquito Control, on behalf of its clients, collects personally identifiable information from opt-in registrants in clients’ marketing programs, such information belongs to those respective clients and is subject to their policies user information once delivered to client.

Stl Mosquito Control is a general audience site and is not directed to youth under the age of 13. Whether for itself or for its clients, Stl Mosquito Control e-mail will not knowingly collect or maintain personally identifiable information from or about anyone under 13.
Stl Mosquito Control will make the best effort to assist its clients in complying with privacy laws and adhering to the highest industry standards on privacy.

If you have received unwanted or unsolicited e-mail sent via our system or purporting to be sent via this system, please forward that e-mail with your comments to mbaur@mosquitosquad.com for review.

If you would like to unsubscribe from ALL Stl Mosquito Control E-mail Marketing lists, please visit our Global Unsubscribe Page.

We reserve the right to modify this policy at any time.
This policy was last updated 04-19-12.
For Stl Mosquito Control:
Martha Baur
Owner of Mosquito Squad of Greater St. Louis
Date: 04-19-12