Take a PEEP at these Eggs-ellent Easter Egg Hunt Ideas.

Take a PEEP at these Eggs-ellent Easter Egg Hunt Ideas.

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Dread Easter EggsWith the everlasting winter of 2014, we are all ready to get outside now that spring has sprung. An Easter egg hunt is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors. Since the advent of Pinterest there is no excuse to have boring egg hunts that end in tears because Bobby got 38 eggs as the other kids were left scratching their heads as they stare into half filled Easter baskets. It’s time to keep the playing field even and interesting. Check out these FIVE ideas that will surely keep your Easter egg hunt fun and enjoyable for ALL ages!

1. Have children “plant” magical jelly beans in the yard before they go to sleep. How stunned will they be to see a patch of lollipops when they awake Easter morning? Get creative…nothing is cuter than a flock of PEEPS on a stick. This makes an adorable start for an egg hunt.

2. After the eggs are hidden, create an Easter egg checklist for every child. Let the hunters know what they are supposed to find. For example, six blue eggs, five yellow eggs, four orange eggs, three purple eggs, two green eggs and one golden egg. Another idea is to put letters on the eggs and have children collect the eggs with letters in their first name.

3. Egg your neighbors house. Ha Ha….all kidding aside let your neighbors know that “some bunny” loves them by leaving a basket of eggs full of surprises on their front porch with a “You’ve Been Egged” note.

4. Add a twist to your egg hunt by waiting for the sun to go down. Stuff eggs with glow sticks and let the fun begin! Keep everyone warm all evening with a fire bowl which is perfect for roasting Easter S’mores. And what makes them Easter S’mores you ask? Using PEEPS of course!

5. Don’t forget to document the day’s excitement with pictures and videos. One of my favorite apps is Postcard on the Run. Snap away and then share your darling pictures with friends and family via personalized postcards that arrive in the mail…and I mean snail mail of course!

Mosquito Squad of Greater Saint Louis is here to help make your outdoor time enjoyable. At the end of the day (or night) it’s all about having fun and creating wonderful memories.