Help Us Bring the Monarch Butterfly Back to St Louis

Help Us Bring the Monarch Butterfly Back to St Louis

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monarch butterly

Image credit: wikimedia commons

Not all winged bugs are a nuisance like mosquitoes. The Monarch Butterfly has captivated people the world over with the spectacle of its North American migration pattern, and they are important to scientific, cultural, and ecological fields of study.

It’s hard to find someone in St. Louis who doesn’t wish they could fly south before the first big winter freeze. Well, like birds (and some very lucky St Louisans), monarchs also overwinter in southern climates, leaving Canada and the United States for Mexico each fall. However, in recent years, the monarch population has dramatically decreased because their natural habitats in North America are being threatened by land development, management, and agricultural practices.

Because of their important role, scientists and researchers around the world have banded together in an education and conservation campaign to protect endangered habitats in the US, Canada, and Mexico where the monarch thrives in winter and summer. You can learn more about this campaign at MonarchWatch.org. Many lawmakers and private citizens are joining the efforts to redevelop natural habitats in the three countries these butterflies call home by protecting and replanting vegetation that support the monarch population.

In an effort to bring the monarchs back to St Louis, Mosquito Squad of Greater St Louis has pledged to help rebuild monarch populations locally. We are teaming with a local nursery to collect and distribute milkweed plugs to our customers when our crews come by for a treatment. The goal is to help our customers integrate milkweed, an essential plant that supports the monarch, easily into their gardens to help create landscapes throughout St Louis that attract monarch butterflies.

If you already work with us there is nothing you need to do, we will leave the plug when we visit later in the spring. If not, and you’d like to enjoy watching the monarch come to rest in your garden this summer without the buzz of mosquitoes in your ear, email us for a quote on our all natural mosquito and tick control packages or to learn more about our services.