How does Mosquito Squad control mosquitoes?

Using an Integrated Pest Management program, our technicians treat standing water and any other potential mosquito breeding site with larvacide to kill any existing larvae and prevent future larvae. Then our technicians will perform a barrier spray to eliminate any adult mosquitoes currently in your yard and to build a barrier against any mosquitoes that enter your yard after treatment. A technician will then return to your property approximately every 21 days to maintain the barrier against mosquitoes.

How does Mosquito Squad control ticks?

Our barrier spray used to treat for adult mosquitoes is also effective in controlling adult ticks. Additionally, we also offer tick tubes for extra tick control. Tick tubes kill nymphal stage ticks and are most effective when placed around the yard in the spring and summer.

What do you treat?

Mosquito Squad’s trained technicians treat areas where mosquitoes and ticks breed, feed, or rest. Treated surfaces include trees, shrubs, groundcover, underneath decks, fences, and the foundations of houses.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes! While no service can offer 100% protection from every mosquito and tick, you should notice an enormous reduction of 85-90% in the mosquito and tick population in your yard. If you don’t experience this reduction and are not satisfied, you can get a refund based on our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

How long does it last?

Each Mosquito Squad treatment lasts for approximately 21 days. Our technicians treat areas where mosquitoes feed, breed, and rest. When they attempt to feed, breed, or rest on treated surfaces, the residual in the spray will kill them.

Does rain affect the treatment?

As long as the product has had the requisite 20 minutes to dry, rain and water should not wash away the treatment. If it begins raining before your treatment is dry, and you notice a diminished effectiveness, please call us and we will retreat at no cost to you.

If I have my yard treated, but my neighbor does not, will it still be effective?

Yes! Mosquitoes do not respect fences or property lines, but our product creates an invisible barrier around your property that continues to eliminate mosquitoes that land on your property. As you might imagine, a mosquito might wander into your yard and bite you before feeding or resting on the treated surfaces. However, you will find that the presence of mosquitoes is enormously reduced.

What type of product do you use?

Mosquito Squad employs pyrethroids, a synthetic copy of pyrethrin. Pyrethrins, insecticides derived from an extract of chrysanthemum flowers, typically break down around four
to six hours after application. In contrast, pyrethroids break down around 21 days after application, offering your family much longer protection. These insecticides are commonly used for human head lice treatments, pet flea sprays, indoor bug bombers, and in the agricultural industry (fruits, vegetables, cotton, etc.).

Is your product organic?

No, the product that we use for our standard treatment protocol is not organic, but we do offer a garlic based all natrual option, which confuses and repels insects by using a scent that insects find unattractive. Fortunately, our noses are not quite as sensitive, so you will detect only a mild odor that dissipates within four hours of application. In order for the treatments to remain effective, treatments must occur every 14 days, as opposed to the 21- day cycle of our traditional solution.

Are your barrier sprays kid and pet friendly?

Of course. Our technicians use only enough product to target a 2.5 milligram mosquito. Once the product is dry, it does not rub or wipe off easily, so children and pets can continue playing as they would do normally, only without becoming a mosquito’s dinner.

When can my children play in the yard after a Mosquito Squad treatment?

Mosquito Squad asks that no one be outside during treatment and for 20 minutes thereafter while the treatment dries. When dry, there is negligible opportunity for the product to transfer to dry people or pets who brush against the vegetation, as the product does not rub or wipe off easily. If wet spray comes in contact with the skin, wash it off immediately with soap and water.

Can my dogs and cats be outside when you treat the yard?

Pets should be inside during treatments. If pets are outside, the treatment can not be completed. Pets can return to the yard 20 minutes after the barrier treatment is completed.

Will Mosquito Squad treatments harm my plants or vegetable and herb garden?

No. All Mosquito Squad treatments are designed to have no effect on the health of plants. Our treatment is achieved with a product frequently used in the agricultural industry. We recommend that you treat any vegetables or herbs from your garden like you would store bought ones by washing them prior to consumption. If you would like for your vegetable and herb garden to not be treated, our technicians will take extra care to ensure that it is not treated.

How will I know when Mosquito Squad is coming?

We alert you via email the day before your scheduled treatment. That should allow you plenty of time to reschedule if it is not a convenient time.

How will I know Mosquito Squad treated my yard?

You do not have to be home for the treatment. We will leave a completed work order by your front door. It will state the time the technicians completed the barrier spray.

Do you give neighborhood discounts?

Yes we give neighborhood discounts if at least three neighbors sign up. Call for details.

Are you insured and licensed?

Absolutely! We are registered with the Missouri Department of Agriculture and hold a license in category 7A-Structural Pest Control. Beware of companies offering mosquito control who are not properly licensed to treat for mosquitoes and ticks. You can search for a company’s license at https://www.kellysolutions.com/MO/Applicators/index.asp

We also maintain the proper insurance to operate in Missouri.