DIY Mosquito Protection

A barrier spray from Mosquito Squad of Greater St Louis eliminates 85-90% of the mosquitoes in your yard, giving your family and pets a chance to enjoy your yard without the mess of applying bug repellent to your skin. There are some things you can do to help supplement your spray and get the most from your back yard.

Martha Bauer, co-owner and landscape architect, explains the seven do-it-yourself tips for protecting your backyard from mosquitoes.

Tip 1: Tip
After a rain or watering your lawn tip any containers that could hold water such as candles, watering cans, and other containers.

Tip 2: Toss
After enjoying time in the backyard entertaining or working in the garden toss any containers, bottle caps, and other small items that could catch water. A mosquito can lay eggs in only one teaspoon of water.

Tip 3: Turn
Before heading in for the evening, turn over and store any toys or other outdoor items that could potentially catch water.

Tip 4: Tarp
If you are using a tarp to cover your vehicle or even a BBQ grill cover make sure you pull them tight so water doesn’t catch and hold in the wrinkles.

Tip 5: Take Care
Conscientious lawn care and maintenance can also help ward off mosquitoes. Clear your gutters, dispose of clippings, and grade any low spots in your yard to limit the number of places in your backyard where mosquitoes can breed.

Tip 6: Team
Team up with your neighbors to help fight mosquito infestations using proper lawn care and maintenance, and the tips above.

Tip 7: Treat
Finally, if you are still facing a mosquito problem in your backyard, treat your yard with a professional spray. The synthetic and all natural sprays we use last for 2-3 weeks so you can take back your backyard from parasites.

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