What to do if you see a tick on your pet

by StlMosquitoControl

Ticks can latch onto your dog or cats fur, especially after enjoying time in wooded outdoor areas. Here’s how to remove them safely from your furry friends!

Keep Mosquitoes from Ruining Your Outdoor Party

by StlMosquitoControl

There’s nothing that can ruin an outdoor evening faster than a swarm of annoying mosquitoes! This summer, try using these easy ways to keep mosquitoes from bothering you and your guests.

Prepare for Mosquito Season in St. Louis

by StlMosquitoControl

With the historic rainfall and record-breaking flooding happening in the St. Louis-area, fighting mosquitoes this season may be a challenge for homeowners and businesses alike.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mosquitoes

by StlMosquitoControl

Mosquitoes are common outdoor pests in St. Louis, but how much do you really know about them? Here we’re sharing our top ten little known facts about mosquitoes.

Stay Mosquito Safe Through Autumn

by StlMosquitoControl

Autumn in St. Louis is here, which means the mosquito season is winding down in the Midwest. However, it’s still important to continue to take action to prevent mosquito breeding grounds through the end of the year.

Keeping Mosquitoes Away: Children and Insect Repellent

by StlMosquitoControl

Summer may be coming to an end in the St. Louis-area, but we’re still busy with camping trips, youth camp sessions, and backyard bbqs. Spending time outdoors means that mosquito safety for your children is still important.